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St. Pölten Representation Office in Wuhan/China

Since 2005, the city of St. Pölten has been town-twinning with the Chinese metropolis Wuhan. This connection between the sister-cities has led to a rewarding exchange in the realm of economics, city planning, education, culture and tourism. Wuhan, a city with 8.3 million inhabitants, has already sent over 17 delegations to visit the town of St. Pölten.

The main topics of discussion were, among others: models of medium-term and permanent development in urban planning and construction; experiences and measures; special features of urban planning; as well as levels reached through the corresponding infrastructure. They exchanged views on: the use of property, the financing of city building projects and council flats, and the respective governmental policies. They dealt with many issues and furthermore illustrated how the public infrastructure was maintained and administered.

Jianghan University in Wuhan has an exchange program with the Technical University in St.Pölten, where 14 Chinese students have already been educated.  There is also a cooperation treaty between the best high school in Wuhan and the HAK/HASCH (Trade School) in St. Pölten. More such exchanges are being planned. SIEMENS, Sunpor and other businesses would serve as links for further contacts.

To ensure and promote smooth business cooperation in future, ecopoint Wirtschaftsservice St.Pölten opened a new representation office in Wuhan on November 15, 2006.


Mr. LI Qian
Ms XIAO Qiong

5th Floor, Entrance B, Jinyuan World Center
No.: 1166 Zhongshan Avenue
Hankou, Wuhan
Postcode: 430017 P.R. of China
Tel.: 0086 27 8281 5679
Fax: 0086 27 8283 9062
E-Mail: stpoelteninwh@yahoo.com.cn