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Rental properties and Real estate

In St. Pölten a total of 680,26 ha for commercial real estate regions and areas are available for commercial development.
You find a brief description and a general view about all industrial regions in the map

Industrial region Unterradlberg Nord
125.200 m², commercial building space, industrial land
After concluding archaeological investigations, this area has been made available for development and land may be divided into plots as desired. A good quality transport, particularly as a result of the proximity to freeway S33 and its rail connection, ensures optimal accessibility. Supply and disposal systems have been adequately placed within the vicinity.

Industrial region Ratzersdorf
5.000 m², commercial building space
This location is particularly suited for commercial land use due to its direct connection to interstate B1, its proximity to freeway S33, as well as its technologically sophisticated infrastructure.

Industrial region Salcherstraße
ca. 73.000 m², commercial building space
The highway Westautobahn (A1) is located in its immediate vicinity, as well as supply and disposal systems.
A piece of real property in the State capital of St. Pölten will be granted to the investor in the form of a right to build.

Industrial region Harlander Straße/Dürauergasse
The area comprise ca. 20.000 m² and is situated in the south of St. Pölten. Land division is unregulated, and the area is easily accessible via the highway Westautobahn, located only a few minutes away by car. Another infrastructural bonus is given by the newly established rail system. Supply and disposal systems are located in the immediate vicinity.
A piece of real property in the State capital of St. Pölten will be granted to the investor in the form of a right to build.

Business & Innovation Center St. Pölten
Free office space is available at the Business and Innovation Center St. Pölten, located on a ca. 5.000 m² large surface area, in immediate vicinity of a polytechnic for business professions, as well as near the hospital and local tax office. The downtown area of St.Pölten can easily be reached from here.

  • The Business & Innovation Center St. Pölten is particularly suited for lease to Young and start-up entrepreneurs
  • Production and service enterprises, as well as research institutions operating in innovative and technology riented sectors
  • Businesses offering additional services (e.g. technical offices, consulting firms, research divisions, planning offices, advertising agencies, commercial services, call centers, Internet providers, etc.)
  • Small-scale retail ensuring regional and local supply