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Discover an architectural gem: St.Pölten

Baroque, Jugendstil and Modern architecture meet and mingle in St.Pölten. On a journey through time visitors can get a glimpse of what life must have been in centuries past.
Trace the grand achievements of bygone master architects like Jakob Prandtauer and Josef Munggenast, while also acknowledging the modern masterpieces of contemporary architects like Hans Hollein, Paul Katzberger, Klaus Kada and others, not to mention all the Jugenstil masters who left their indelible marks.

Guided city walking tours for groups:

Seeking the Baroque

Old town walk featuring Baroque buildings by Hildebrandt, Prandtauer and Munggenast.
Duration:1,5 hour
Rate per group (up to 50 participants): 45 Euro*

Baroque meets Jugendstil

Old town walk visiting Baroque and Jugendstil architecture. 
Duration: 1.5 hours
Rate per group (up to 50 participants): 45 Euro*

Baroque meets the Modern

Walk through the old town plus tour of the Landhaus (Government) Quarter and the Cultural District, featuring signature buildings of contemporary Austrian architecture.
Diration: 2 hours
Rate per group (up to 50 participants): 60


All city walks are free if combined with meals or an overnicht stay in St.Pölten!

We encourage you to please reserve one week in advance.

Tourist Information St.Pölten
Rathausplatz 1
3100 St.Pölten
Tel.: +43 2742 353354
Fax: +43 2742 333-2819
E-Mail: tourismus@st-poelten.gv.at